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March 21, 2021
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Last year I published a Data Studio template for mobile devices. It triggered quite a few reactions and downloads. Now I'm releasing a new template, focused on the larger screen. Much larger! In fact, I build this dashboard for the always on, big (touch)screens in offices around the world.

Remember, my goal is to build stunning dashboards that present data in a way which is visually attractive without compromising on the story the data should convey. I think this new template does just that.

This Google Data Studio template provides you with a full website overview, based on Google Analytics and e-commerce data. But there is more! It also includes your favorite marketing channels like Google Ads, Youtube and Search Console.

Data Studio dashboard for touchscreens

We see them in more and more offices around the world, big touchscreens on the wall, displaying data or any other kind of information. I have build quite a few dashboard for these type of screens. This Data Studio template is build for the big touchscreen. Easy navigation, visually attractive and ready to use out-of-the-box.

Or any other screen

A touchscreen is awesome, but a normal TV screen is also very much possible! Connect a mouse and you’re able to navigate on any screen! Present your data beautifully on any screen!

If you are in an open office you can imagine it’s not safe to display sensitive information on a big screen for everyone to see. Enter the ‘lock screen’. From the sidebar you are able to lock the screen. In other words: navigate to page on which you company logo is displayed. Click unlock to go back to the overview.

The template is completely build in Data Studio which means you can adjust every link, graph, page and/or element. The template helps you kickstart your dashboard project.

Check out the demo and buy

I’m working with the great guys at Data Studio Templates. Check out the demo and buy the template from their store.


I did not start from scratch. This template was built upon the dashboard template for mobile devices. It again feels like a fresh, modern application, only this time on a big screen. A dashboard that people will want to look at.

Customize the Data Studio template for mobile

Out-of-the-box it connects to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console and Youtube for a very complete overview. You can customize and expand the dashboard to your needs. Add sources, menu-items, or combine multiple elements on new pages.

Template content

The dashboard contains the following pages:

  1. Menu page
  2. Overview *
  3. Website content *
  4. Traffic sources *
  5. Conversions *
  6. Bounces *
  7. Errors *
  8. Search Console *
  9. Youtube Insights *
  10. Search Ads *
  11. Display Ads *
  12. E-commerce *
  13. Product Insights *
  14. Settings
  15. Lock screen

All pages with a * are actually two pages. On the first page, all data is compared to the previous year and on the second page, the data is compared to the previous period.


1.0 2021-03-21

  • The first version live

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