Hi there!

My name is Mark and I hail from The Netherlands. By day I work in digital marketing. By night, I embark on data visualization adventures and try to blog about it every now and then.

Why this blog?

I have too many interests for my own good including (web)design, UX, and basic coding. I also get weirdly enthusiastic when around data in spreadsheets and I appreciate a good story. I found that creating visually good looking and storytelling dashboards is a great way for me to put all my interest to work simultaneously.

Via this blog I would like to inspire to create stunning dashboards, visualize data and tell the stories behind all those numbers. Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a great and free tool to use in this endeavor. Many of the articles will focus on Data Studio but I will also write about generating data, collecting it and make sense of all this data.

You could say I share my adventures crossing the data-wildlands valiantly pursuing the vision of clear insight and the interconnection between all things…

…but that would be a huge overstatement. Instead, I see this blog as a means to vent my ideas about data visualization using Looker Studio and any other tool that we can connect to it.

Have fun reading!

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