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Google Data Studio full screen template

Data Studio Template – Full screen Dashboard


Last year I published a Data Studio template for mobile devices. It triggered quite a few reactions and downloads. Now I'm releasing a new template, focused on the larger screen. Much larger! In fact, I build this dashboard for the always on, big (touch)screens in offices around the world.

The 11 Best Google Data Studio templates in 2021 – Free and premium


In this article, I will collect the best and amazing Google Data Studio templates that are available on the web, both free and premium (paid). There are lots and lots of public templates and also some very good premium ones worth mentioning. Whenever I stumble upon a new template that I like, I will add them here. And of course, I will also shamelessly plug my very own DataStudio.Guru templates every now and then.

Donut target graph in Google Data Studio


A while ago I shared a snapshot of a target visualization using a donut graph in Google Data Studio. I got a few replies asking how to create this, so here it is 🙂

I will explain how to create a target graph using a donut chart, pulling data from a Google Sheet, and add some design ideas. You can see the result in the image below. I will also share the Sheet and Data Studio report.

Data Studio Template – Complete digital overview for mobile


Looking for a Google Data Studio template with which you can present your data beautifully and easily on any mobile screen? Look no further! This multi-page dashboard, containing a menu-structure that feels like a modern application, is all you need to share your website data. The Data Studio template includes pages for Google Analytics, Google Ads, e-commerce, and Search Console.

Regex regular expression Google Data Studio

Regular Expressions (RegEx) for Data Studio & Analytics


In this post, I will explain how to use regular expressions (regex) in Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and also Tag Manager. I will also share some advanced examples and use-cases. And last but not least, I will update this post whenever stumbling upon new methods to put regex to use.